Doorway To Enlightened Living

Apr 6th, 2024 – E2 LIVE Seoul, South Korea

Experience Enlightenment (E2 LIVE) is a powerful wisdom and meditation gathering that will reveal the hidden roadmap to creating a beautiful, Enlightened Life. Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji, two of the world’s most impactful modern-day philosophers, will lead you on this 4-hour unprecedented journey where you will:

  • Receive insightful wisdom to help you live a life free of strife and stress
  • Be guided through Ancient Breathwork, Movement and Chanting to push the brain into an intuitive, expansive state of theta
  • Experience an awakening in the latent energy body through a deep process
  • Experience the Enlightened State of Great Love

We will explore the possibility of Enlightened Living through a dynamic, interactive Q & A.


  • You and your loved ones living in an unperturbed state of peace
  • Everyday lived with a clear-thinking mind
  • Leadership and decision making from calm courage
  • The world operating from this new state of peace and connection

EXPERIENCE ENLIGHTENMENT will awaken you to the possibility of a grand fusion of supreme efficiency, and enlightened consciousness. This is the highest potential of humanity.

If you are drawn to the possibility of Enlightened Living, JOIN us for EXPERIENCE ENLIGHTENMENT!

Ancient Philosophy, Meditation, Movement, Music, And An Interactive Q&A!

Event Date & Time

6th April 2024,
1:00 pm – 5:30 pm (Korea time)

COEX Convention

3F Auditorium, 524 Bongeunsa-ro,
Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji

Co-creators of Ekam, World Center for Enlightenment

Authors of Four Sacred Secrets

Founders of Young Oneness Leaders

Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji are modern enlightened sages, with one laser-focused vision: to help end inner strife and aide humanity in discovering Enlightened Living.
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Serenity Amidst the Bustle

After going to Tapas, I am experiencing that my life can flow quietly like a river. I have an experience where nothing – whether it’s exciting, happy, sad, or heartbreaking – disturbs the peace within me. Every day, I am thankful for the longer time I could spend facing people as they are, without judging or comparing them, and how peaceful it is!. Meanwhile, many people, including me, have become so accustomed to living a false life that they do not know what the true state of life is. Now, I will not go back to that life. I am connected to my family and people, and I have the strength and intuition to solve problems, so the weight of life is not burdensome and I am feeling free. I am deeply grateful to Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji for allowing me to live like this.

– Eunju Lim

Cultural Harmony and Personal Growth

After meeting Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji, my awareness became clear. Coincidences and miraculous events occur frequently. It is the power of Deeksha that one is always at peace and deeply rooted in connection with the divine. When you become quiet within, all aspects of your life are enriched. I am experiencing a different reality than my original life. You can really live like this! It’s amazing.


Mindfulness in Modern Times

In all my life, have I ever felt so joyful and peaceful without any burden on my mind in my daily life? I want to know how precious it is to be ordinary, never special or excited, although an inexplicable feeling of fulfillment is always with me

– Lamo

Unity in Diversity

Since I started meditating with Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji, many changes have occurred in my life. Among them, the biggest one is observation, that is, seeing and acknowledging myself as I am. I feel joy when I see other people, animals, and nature as they are. There are times when pain and anger towards people arise, but if I breathe and feel my heart every time, I could realize we are connected and one. All beings live in close connection, influencing each other. The air I breathe in and out is shared by all beings. My anger is communicated to others, and so is my joy. So this world is one where everyone is connected.

–Youngshin Kim

Tradition Meets Modernity

When I participated in the process with Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji, I was awed by the fact that I could shed many false beliefs and identities that I have believed I am. And it continues even now. Furthermore, even such mystical experiences gained great clarity when Sri. Krishnaji explained them scientifically. In particular, I was very moved when he explained our world through quantum physics or brain science. I was amazed that this could be explained this way. It gave me great clarity, and clarity gave me great joy and insight. This made it much easier to explain the same thing to other people.

– Boon

The Ekam World Oneness Day brings together over 1 Million Peacemakers to reconnect with community,  mindfully meditate, enjoy movement and inspirational music, with a vision for individual awakening & collective peace.

For the first time outside of India, we are bringing a 4 hr traveling Experience  Enlightenment  World Tour to Los Angeles, Milan, Singapore, Mexico City and Tokyo.

Experience Enlightenment around the world!


Learn ancient philosophy and insights from experts as you unlock your authentic natural way of being. Rewire your brain and body to feel at peace and feel energized.


Leave the day with tools for what we call ‘Meditation In Action’. Go beyond a practice where you just calm your mind to one where you can actively create change everyday.


The special curated music will support a deeper embodiment of all the lessons. Get your body moving.


Come together in a safe, loving, and non-judgmental environment as you build soulful connections with like-minded seekers who will become life-long friends.

I wish I had learned about living in a beautiful state earlier in my life, as it is a transformational practice.


Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Actor

A process like this would take you to a place where you can address chaos and craziness with greater equanimity and when you do that you make better business decisions.


CEO Patagonia Inc.

Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji tap into ancient wisdom to offer modern truths for a well- lived life, including how to let go of what’s weighing us down and truly connect with others and ourselves.

Arianna Huffington

Founder & CEO of Thrive Global