Field of Awakening Freedom is NOW

“Wake up from the prison of your mind”

04 – 07 DEC 2021

08 :00 CET









Have you ever asked if this is all there is to life? Have you questioned – why you are alive and what it truly means to be human? 

In the field of awakening, you discover answers for some of the key questions that have tormented you for life, and some questions simply disappear.

This four-day live spiritual journey lead by Sri Preethaji, known popularly as FOA has been offered in many major cities of the world in the years past. 

This year, Sri Preethaji brings the much-loved FOA in its next avatar to take you beyond the confines of the mind to a realm of freedom. 

You will awaken to freedom from your most addictive states of mind and transform into an awakened wealth creator, an awakened parent, an awakened partner, and an awakened self. 

Whether it is answered you are seeking or clarity, whether it is peace you are seeking or inner strength- the field of awakening is the spiritual journey you should take. 

Being in the presence of an enlightened sage, to be nurtured by her wisdom, and to be lead into deeper layers of consciousness in meditative processes along with her is the most exciting part of this journey. 




Begin each day with
Sri Preethaji for Enlightenment and Reflection


Sri Preethaji shares the Power of Consciousness and Spirit


Your day with Sri Preethaji ends with Consciousness and Gratitude


Share during meals in our dining venues, explore on your own, take time to follow your inner path.


Discover a journey of new insights, helpful meditations and mystical processes with a scientific base.
At the core of this powerful journey is a three-fold awakening in which three dimensions of your consciousness become enlivened.

See-through the matrix of the mind and heal your childhood wounds.  you move past painful emotions that have gripped you for years. You experience the awakened child within you. You awaken to the power of universal intelligence as the great healer. 

Cut through the veil of fear and negative karma. You wake up from an obsessive relationship with wealth. You become an awakened wealth creator. You awaken to the power of the universal intelligence as the Giver. You are initiated into becoming a Deeksha giver. 

You break the chains of disconnection in your partnered relationships.  you shake off judgment and guilt in your relationship with your children. You realize the essence of being a parent. You let go of the lingering longing and incessant ache for love in life. You become an awakened partner and an awakened parent. You awaken to the universal intelligence as the protector. 

You open to the greater mysteries of consciousness. You wake up from the unpleasant relationship you have created with yourself. You set yourself free. You become an awakened self. You enter the limitless field of consciousness with Sri Preethaji to manifest external abundance and internal awakening.



Field of Awakening is one of its kind process/course because it offers spiritual wisdom for mundane issues of life. It brings forth the power of your consciousness to address the everyday challenges of life.

It awakens you to purpose mutating the ordinary day-to-day experiences more meaningful.

Life no longer is stale with the birthing of an awakened you.

Sri Preethaji charms you not just with her insightful interactions but with the mystic power of her consciousness during the Limitless Field meditations.

The Path…

Experience awakening over just 4 days
Receive spiritual wisdom to almost every issue of life
Bring the mundane and the transcendental together, and live a complete life
Untangle the knots of the past in deep spiritual processes to unleash the power to create an extraordinary present and future
Experience the Limitless Field, a powerful meditation every day with Sri Preethaji to awaken to enlightenment eperience.

Experience Sri Preethaji live in Maastricht, The Netherlands

To help you with your Maastricht, The Netherlands – Field of Awakening travel plans, please review the following information.

Lay of Maastricht

The city of Maastricht is located in the south-east part of the Netherlands, located near the Belgian- and German border. Due to it’s location it can be easily reached by car and train. The closest international airports are Eindhoven, Brussels and Düsseldorf. Amsterdam airport is a bit further away, however train connection from the airport to Maastricht is excellent.
The congress centre offers a shuttle service from various railway stations and Brussels- and Düsseldorf airport. You can book this shuttle service together with your friends via this link

The Event:

The Field of Awakening 4-day journey/conference is taking place in the Maastricht Exhibition and Congress Centre (MECC) slightly outside the city centre and located opposite to the Maastricht University Medical Centre.


Gaetano Martinolaan, Maastricht. When you enter this address in your navigation system it will lead you to parking place P4 located in front of the main entrance.

Bus services from the city centre to the congress centre are offered every 10 minutes.

Approximate registration time on Saturday, December 4 is 7:00am with an approximate start time of 8:00am. Finish time on Tuesday December 7 is approximately 4pm. You will be sent the schedule and other pertinent information prior to the event.


The list below has several options to choose from and can be books via the hotel reservation service offered by the venue. Special FOA prices and conditions have been negotiated and offers you a variety of hotels with different prices and luxury. Please use this link for this service:
Of course, you may also use another site of your preference if that’s more convenient for you.

Lay of Maastricht –

The city of Maastricht is located in the south-east part of the Netherlands, located near the Belgian- and German border. Due to it’s location it can be easily reached by car and train. The closest international airports are Eindhoven, Brussels and Düsseldorf. Amsterdam airport is a bit further away, however train connection from the airport to Maastricht is excellent.
The congress centre offers a shuttle service from various railway stations and Brussels- and Düsseldorf airport. You can book this shuttle service together with your friends via this link:

Overview of accommodations:

NH Hotel Maastricht***

  • Distance from venue: 28 meters.
  • Facilities in hotel: WIFI, Bar, Restaurant, fitness, wellness (at a fee), air-conditioning in Superior and Superior new Style rooms.
  • Total number of rooms; 275 total divided in 3 room types; Standard, Superior, Superior New Style.
  • Parking, available at costs.

NH Maastricht is a purpose-built, modern 4* hotel. Its located adjacent to the main congress centre and is only a 10 minute drive from the old centre of Maastricht; 150 kms to the airport of Brussels. The hotel has 275 rooms. Our range runs from Standard right through to Suites. Diner is possible in the a la carte restaurant.

Aparthotel ****

• Distance from venue: 400 meters.
• Facilities in hotel: free WIFI, Bar.
• Total number of rooms; 48, divided in Standard and Maastricht Double.
• Parking, available at costs.

Apart Hotel Randwyck is a modern hotel ideally situated for both leisure and business guests. The hotel is located next to the Maastricht Exposition & Congres Centre (MECC). With Station Randwyck
next door, you are within a few minutes in the city centre of Maastricht. Apart Hotel Randwyck offers stylish rooms with a modern interior combined with a personal touch.

Kaboom Hotel***

• Distance from venue: 1.8 KM.
• Facilities in hotel: free WIFI.
• Total number of rooms; 79, double, triple and quartro.
• Parking, public parking at a charge.

Kaboom Hotel, situated right across from the Maastricht train station, is a smart and sophisticated hotel with a rebellious spirit. The two to four-person hotel room has everything you need for the perfect stay such as a luxury rain shower, super-fast Wi-Fi, and an ultra- comfortable Auping bed. Next door to Kaboom you can go for a quick bite to eat or an elaborate and relaxed breakfast.

TSH Maastricht

• Distance from venue: 3,3 KM.
• Facilities in hotel: free WIFI, restaurant, bar and fitness.
• Total number of rooms; 378, divided in student rooms and hotel rooms.
• Parking, public parking at a charge.

In Maastricht an iconic factory was turned into The Student Hotel. The hotel is designed to encourage new connections. Meet fellow explorers, challenging students or like-minded professionals on your road to the next adventure. We offer super-fast Wi-Fi, full service bar restaurant, gym and laundry room. Feeling adventurous? All guests have access to ultra-hip bicycles, ready to explore the city.

TheGreen Elephant Hostel & Spa

• Distance from venue: 2,9 KM.
• Facilities in hotel: Free WIFI, bar, game room, wellness at a charge.
• Total number of rooms: bed in bunkhouse, 170 beds.
• Parking, public parking at a charge.

The Green Elephant Hostel & Spa is your oasis in Maastricht. Staying at The Green Elephant is a chance for you to focus on yourself and give your well-being a boost. Just around the corner from the bus and train station in the city’s trendiest district, Wyck, and within walking distance of the city centre, the hotel brings together a community of digital nomads, sustainability-minded budget world travellers, and health lovers who value clean living. Our goal is to use hospitality to create an even fitter, greener, and healthier world — one person at a time. Common sense of being.

Stay Okay

• Distance from venue: 2,3 KNI.
• Facilities in hotel: Free wifi, bar/restaurant.
• Total number of rooms: bed on dorm, 100 beds.
• Parking, public parking at a charge.

The hostel has shared and private rooms on offer and each room has its own shower and toilet. The waterside terrace allows you to enjoy a refreshing beverage or have a delicious barbecue. The hostel also has three large halls that regularly host events. How about a salsa evening on Friday? And did you know that we support sustainability? For example, we work together with a team that comes to pick up our daily food waste each day.



As of September 18, 2021. Please check back regularly for updates.

Depending on the country you are living there may be specific Covid-19 restrictions to enter the Netherlands. You can
check easily what you kind of documents you need to enter the country by answering a few questions on this website (it’s in English and will only take a few minutes of your time).

It is our intention that everyone involved in Field Of Awakening has the maximum transformational experience possible.
We also want to take all reasonable measures to keep everyone safe during this Covid-19 pandemic.

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19 has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization. COVID-19 is extremely contagious. The virus is believed to spread from person-to-person contact and/or by contact with contaminated surfaces and objects, and in the air. People can be infected and show no symptoms and the therefore spread the diseases. Evidence has shown that COVID-19 can cause serious and potentially life-threatening illness and even death. The Organizer cannot prevent Participants from becoming exposed to, contracting, or spreading COVID-19 while attending the Field Of Awakening. Therefore, Participants who attend the Field of Awakening may be exposing themselves to and/or increasing their risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19.

As such, we are implementing the following protocol for everyone involved at the Maastricht Field of Awakening:

It is mandatory for all persons entering the congress centre for FOA that they can either:

Provide a proof of full vaccination that will be checked daily at the entrance by scanning a QR code on your smartphone, in case you don’t have a suitable smartphone, than a printed copy is mandatory.

In case you are not fully vaccinated you have to show a QR code on your phone that proves a negative test result for the Sars-Cov-2 virus not older than 24 hours before entrance of the event. Meaning you have to do this test daily!! The test result has to be uploaded in the dutch CoronaCheck app that can be downloaded at the Apple AppStore or Google AppStore on your phone. Again, this will be checked daily at entrance. Corona self-tests are not accepted as a valid test result.

Without these proofs of vaccination or negative test results entrance of the congress centre is prohibited!

Throughout the 4-day Field of Awakening at MECC, the following will be provided:

Disposal masks and hand sanitizer We are not taking this decision lightly and these measurements are all according to the current Dutch regulations regarding COVID-19.
O&O Academy/Ekam and Field of Awakening are founded on the tenet of INTERCONNECTION. The survival and evolvement of our humanity depends on this state of interconnection. Having the FOA event at a time such as this requires this sense of interconnection, responsibility, exibility, and willingness.

Keeping this in mind and heart, we kindly remind all participants that we are creating a microcosm and a family, as we gather for the purpose of healing, transformation, and human evolution for the 4 days of Field of Awakening.
It is imperative for both the safety and the success of the FOA, that participant put aside divergences regarding Covid-19, masking and vaccinations, and focus on the greater purpose of protecting each other, our event. As we take great care and responsibility for this and each other, we will treasure our time and experiences that await us.

If anyone has an issue with these regulations, we trust that you will wait to participate in Field of Awakening at another time in the near future where you will be warmly welcomed.

We will continue to revisit this policy as conditions change, update you as quickly as possible and pray things change for the better each day!
Thank you for your understanding and willingness to work cooperatively for the success of this event!