At this moment in time, we are connected to 34 seeds—computers around the world that have a complete copy of the files in question. This is great, as we’ll be able to download all the various file parts from all these seeds, really helping our download speed. This word refers to all the connections involved in sharing a particular torrent file. Each member of the swarm contributes a small amount of bandwidth to the group. Swarms are made up of ordinary consumer grade PCs and laptops, not high performance servers.

You also do not need registration or an invitation for using public trackers to increase torrent download speed. This decentralized and peer-to-peer transfer of files is facilitated by torrent clients. So we have put together a list of some of the best torrent trackers that are working at the time of writing this article. One of the first and fastest things you can do is check the number of peers and seeders for the specific file.

Correctly configure the listening port and use one that’s not blocked. To do this on a Mac, simply search for “firewall” in Spotlight, click on the relevant result, and turn it off . There is a chance that your connection could end up leaking unprotected IPv6 data, causing your ISP to restrict traffic in the process. Choose an obfuscated server to overcome VPN blocking from your ISP. What you need to do here is click on the Start button, then type Firewall into the search box.

How to contact uTorrent support for help with speed issues on Mac

The speed of downloading files can be critical when downloading programming templates if you need to do your homework on computer science. If the download speed does not allow you to do the work on time, you can always get help with programming assignments from professionals. But if you still want to speed up downloading uTorrent on your Mac, the information provided below should help you.

  • But by no means torrenting itself is illegal or prone to piracy.
  • She also has a good knowledge of disk management and data backup & recovery.
  • Open the application and check if you are facing any issues.
  • The P2P world is full of scammers that will use fake torrents to attract targets and infect their systems.

Every once in a while, we experience an error in the connection, a very slow connection, or sketchy download speed. The solution to fixing Corrupted AppData is to either remove Appdata completely, restart the system and launch uTorrent. Or Completely uninstalling the uTorrent application and reinstalling the system. Unless you are downloading files that are free of viruses or bugs, you should be good to go while disabling an Antivirus program. At times antivirus engines can mark torrent applications as a virus or threat to your system by flagging the software as problematic. This could also be a reason that might have stopped uTorrent from working.

Use Only the Latest Stable Version of uTorrent

It has been downloaded more than one million times and has robust mobile capabilities for downloading and managing torrents from a smartphone. Drag and Drop multiple torrent files and hand-pick their sub-files. A couple of months ago, uTorrent web introduced the drag-n-drop feature with a fine-tune selection option. This feature allows you to simultaneously upload multiple torrents with easy drag-n-drop functionality and select which files you want uTorrent to download. Sometimes downloading torrents can feel like being a kid in a candy shop. Everything looks terrific, and you want to grab it all.

The most important tips when optimizing uTorrent

The app is still regularly updated more than a decade after its initial launch. With recent updates, both the resolution of the app and the visual design of the software has been updated to look cleaner than ever. Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, it’s the perfect tool for those tired of the interruptions and slow connections that can be included with uTorrent. My final tips for speeding up uTorrent is to prioritize the download you want first. This gives that file first choice of bandwidth and resources so will download faster if the seeds and peers are capable of it. For this reason, the more seeds and the more peers a torrent already has, the quicker any new members of the network will be able to download the file.