Here are some common questions about OCLC


Who can be a part of OCLC?
This is a unique stream of learning offered by the founders to Business Leaders, Corporate Heads, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Decision Makers and Influencers who want to impact and transform the society.
How long is the course?

12-day course for level 1 & 9 days for levels 2-10.

What can I anticipate to go through each day?
Each day start at 07.00 AM with Yoga and Meditation.

Every day you will go through liberative wisdom, Meditations, Mystical and Reflective processes. And The Limitless Field Meditation with  Sri Krishnaji leading you to a powerful transformation of your consciousness when you awaken to the power of The Beautiful State. You will be having an amazing mystical process at Ekam – The Oneness Field. You will have specialised learning with your teachers in smaller groups.

What will be the outcome for me if I attend One Consciousness Leaders Circle?

Here you have the grand fusion of both worlds, material and spiritual. You become a Buddha driving a Benz. It is to bring a rich internal state with a rich external life.
You create rich and fulfilling relationships that last a lifetime.
You become a leader capable of creating amazing teams and trust worthy partnerships.
You access the power of universal intelligence to create many synchronicities and manifest intentions on the path of creating abundance.
You go beyond strategies and management principles and access the power of consciousness to create massive organisational success.
You become an awakened creator of prosperity who is vision driven and not pleasure driven. You become responsibility driven and not ego driven. You become cooperation driven and not comparison driven. You become inclusivity driven not separation driven.
You become a part of a closed knit group of finest minds with rich consciousness guiding the world of leaders mentored by Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji.
You have the unique opportunity of having deeper learning experience in closed groups with your personal teachers hand picked by the Founders.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the course?
You may come to the course as you are, without preparation. However, if you wish to maximize your experience, we recommend you to practice the Soul Sync Practice. Practicing the Great Soul Sync is entering a sacred space. In this expansive state of consciousness intentions become actualities. Heart-felt desires are fulfilled. Life converges into synchronicities manifesting an abundance of love, wealth, creativity and well-being of every kind. You could download Soul Sync from here and save into your personal mp3 player / iPods and practice them.


It is best to eat moderately several days before.We recommend that you do not consume any alcoholic or narcotic substances, excluding physician prescribed medication, for several days before in order to prepare your system for the shifts in consciousness that will occur during the course.Be well rested, receptive and reflective.

Will food and accommodations be provided?
Food and accommodations are included with your enrolment. We provide international standard quality food to our participants.
What type of food is served?

The food we serve at O&O is delicious and healthy. We cater to a wide range of tastes while also allowing participants to enjoy the best flavors India has to offer. We can accommodate all kinds of dietary needs and tastes.

We offer freshly prepared vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner served daily in beautiful modern dining hall. Meals are planned to be tasty and nutritious while also supportive of your spiritual journey while with us.

We are dedicated to ensuring each participant is able to eat food they love that supports their journey while with us.

Apart from that we do have our cafe yogi where you can buy coffee, tea and snacks.

What kind of clothing should I wear?

We recommend that you dress comfortably and simply with an emphasis on modesty. Non-revealing clothes that cover the shoulders, chest and knees are recommended. Wearing shorts are not recommended. Tight, transparent or revealing clothes, such as short skirts, tights and leggings, sleeveless or skimpy tops are not preferred. The key is to wear comfortable, loosely fitted clothes that breathe and are preferably made of cotton or other natural fibers.

Remaining fully clothed at all times is necessary. Do bring warm clothes because the room is kept very cool at times.

Do I need visa to come to India?
Yes. International travellers are required to have a tourist visa to enter India. Visitors from 43 countries no longer have to apply for visas at local consulates, but can instead apply for their visas online and collect them at airports.

Please visit for details. If you have any additional questions about obtaining a visa or traveling to India please feel free to email us and we will gladly help with your arrangements.

Is it easy to travel to O&O Campuses?

Yes. Many major airlines fly to Chennai such as Emirates, Ethiad, British Airways, United, Jet, Air India and more. Our campus faculty can work with you to get the best airfares and answer and questions or concerns you may have. We provide a convenient shuttle service from Chennai International Airport. Once you arrive on our secure campus, our concierge will provide care for you, direct you to your room and help with any of your needs. We plan our courses to ensure you are given time to adjust to time differences and the new environment in order to prepare for your course.

For Campus Guideline and Travel Information –

What do I need to bring?
You will definitely need a large water bottle to fill up during the event – staying hydrated is important!

Extra pens/pencils, a notebook, travel size tissues, throat lozenges and anything else you might think you need.

Can I record the event with my phone or any other recording devices?
No. One Consciousness Leaders Circle Courses are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws, and any unauthorised recording (via either audio or video) is strictly prohibited. Any materials you are provided at the course are also protected by copyright and other laws, and are only for your personal use at and after the event. The content may not be copied, posted online or otherwise distributed. You can’t take photos / videos with your cell phones or smart devices within the meditation hall or inside Ekam. Whilst photos and videos are permitted outside of the sessions and meditation hall; personal video / audio recording within the sessions is strictly prohibited.
What about photography and videography while on the One Consciousness Leaders Circle course?
OWAH reserves the right to film, record and take photographs at the One Consciousness Leaders Circle, including, and not necessarily limited to, the Intensive and to use them for promotional purposes. Participants who prefer that their images not be used are asked to identify themselves at registration upon arriving at the Field of Abundance and let the organiser know. Whilst photos and videos are permitted outside of the sessions; personal video/audio recording within the sessions is strictly prohibited.
Is traveling to India safe for my health?
Many people believe they will become ill easily in India. We ensure that visitors to O&O don’t have this experience. Our kitchen is equipped with all new modern refrigeration and preparation tools. All the water is purified including in the bathrooms and all over the campus. Our food is all carefully prepared and extensive care is taken to ensure all our meals are safe and compatible with a wide range of tastes and health needs.

Apart from this we do have a medic team available nearby for any emergencies.

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