Entering the world of the Miraculous

A 7 Day Magical Ceremonies & Celebration

Ekam Abundance Festival will be a ceremonious celebration of transformation & transcendence, a celebration of connection between individual consciousness & universal consciousness or the divine presence, a triumph of truth over untruth, a triumph of light over darkness.

Ekam Abundance Festival is a gift like no other in the world. it is entering into the world of the miraculous. It is an everyday awakening into the magical & transcendental.

Come and experience the magic of The Happening.


Let me now take you deeper. Please look at life deeply, it is evident that you are constantly at war against several forces that are pitted against you. These forces draw chaos, obstacles, misfortune, and pain into your lives.

Some of us have a collapse at an emotional level, where we find ourselves spiralling down into negative states and depression. Some of us have a physical collapse at the bodily level, some at the level of intimate relationships and some in our careers and professional life.

We believe that every problem, every crisis primarily arises as a poison in consciousness, thereafter it manifests in the world outside as chaotic situations. If the painful lack and scarcity in your life has to go away, then your consciousness has to be cleansed of the various forms of poison that have got accumulated not just over your life time but over several millennia.

To us, you are not an individual who is independent of everything around you. You are not a separate individual. You are constantly being impacted by several forces from your past like the ancestral samskaras (impressions) passed on to you, the limiting beliefs and ideas that you have accumulated from your painful life experiences, thoughts and ideas flowing from the collective human consciousness.

These are the invisible under-currents that are controlling your consciousness.

Apart from this, there are your own suffering states that you habitually live from; and the destructive karmic consequences of the decisions and actions you have performed from these states also cause you to spiral down the path of chaos and problems.