10 Million Meditating for World Oneness

MAR 7th, 2021
6.00 PM IST








At the heart of all problems in the world is division and separation- be it political problems, economic problems, wars, poverty, communal violence, corruption, ecological problems.

And to find innumerable solutions that are necessary for the world’s problems- the solution has to begin with consciousness; which is a return in consciousness from division and separation to oneness. This is the way.

It is only when there is an increasing shift in human consciousness towards oneness, we will be able to find solutions to all existing problems. And those solutions will be enduring solutions; not solutions that will create further problems, but solutions that will pave way for further solutions.

Oneness is a space from which we can discover true solutions. There cannot be solutions from a divided consciousness. Consciousness has to lead change. And a consciousness that is awakened to Oneness alone can bring about this change.

And it is for this, Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji are launching the ‘World Oneness Day’ on the 7th of March, which will be an hour-long global virtual live online event.

World Oneness Day is not an ordinary meditation gathering; It is an extraordinary phenomenon, a massive resonance that’ll impact the earth!

And This is first time ever.

On that day, there will be over 10 million people from across the world – all of who will move into a magnificent state of oneness and all 10 million people will give deeksha for pushing the world towards oneness. 10 million people giving Deeksha! Can you imagine the power?!

World Oneness Day will be a deeksha event, not a meditation event.

All 10 million people who will be giving deeksha on World Oneness Day will be called Oneness Meditators. Each of these Oneness Meditators through their deeksha will generate a resonance that will create a massive reverberation in human consciousness.

Heartmath institute and few other research institutes around the world would be partnering with us to measure the impact of this phenomenal deeksha on humanity’s consciousness on that day.

Today science has come to a space where it can observe the impact of consciousness on matter. It is moving in that direction.

It is interesting and exciting that the impact of our deeksha upon world consciousness will be measured through magnetometers. They will also be studying the random number generators at that time.

To create this tidal wave of oneness and to generate the deeksha power that will flow through millions, Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji will be moving into Maha Tapas for 21 days. Our Maha tapas involves great austerities, and living in very high states of consciousness such that the fruit and the merit of our Maha Tapas will then be offered for the cause of world oneness.

Receive Your Oneness Meditators Certificate

… For Deeksha givers and new aspirants who want to contribute to world oneness through your Tapas.


Do you also want to join Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji with your Tapas and offer the merit of your Tapas for the cause of world oneness?

If your answer is YES, then we invite you to join in this noblest of causes.

Your tapas would be in 3 forms. You will perform tapas through your mind- Manasa, then through your speech- vaachaa, then through your action- karmana.

The first form is through your mind.

Here you will chant the Ekam mantra or the oneness mantra – Humsa Soham Ekam which means – I am you, you are me, we are one.

Holding this sacred meaning in your heart, you should chant the mantra 1008 times everyday. You may do this at a stretch or you may do it in stages, throughout the day.

We need 1 billion Ekam japa or shata koti Ekam japa to make it easier for the state of Oneness to flow through the Deeksha of all the 10 million people on March 7th to impact human consciousnesses.

The second form of tapas is through karma or action.

Where you will give deekshas for the next 21 days to your family members, relatives, friends, work mates, everyone you can reach, either gather them physically or gather them online and lead them into a special Deeksha for oneness.

Your Ekam Deeksha would begin with collective chanting of Ekam mantra for 21 times and then you will ask the receivers to hold their attention upon sahasrara or the crown of their head and you will give them either smarana /intention Deeksha or sparsha / hands on Deeksha for awakening to an experience of oneness in themselves, in their families and communities. 

Note: For the second form of Tapas – you would need to be initiated as a Deeksha Giver.


The third form of tapas is through speech or vaachaa, where you will speak loud and clear about the vision of world oneness and inspire as many people as possible to join on March 7th to give Deeksha.

Collectively let us inspire 10 million People to join us and give Deeksha for creating a world oneness wave in human consciousness