Mantra by definition is a sacred tool that actually silences unnecessary thought chatter.

Mantras align your vibration to create awareness.
Each sound has a distinct vibration, and as a result, each mantra has a different effect. Mantras are designed to adjust your experience through the subtle vibrations they cause in your being. Each mantra is designed to have a distinct effect.

Continuous repetition of a mantra silences an overactive amygdala which then silences our painful mental chatter. That is why you find this age-old practice of chanting God’s name to actually calm an agitated mind.

Mantras are of various kinds. There are Bija mantras which are like single syllable vibrations that unlock the doors to particular aspects of universal consciousness. There are also multi-worded mantras that directly call out to the deity’s name to intercede.
The power of mantra is a vast esoteric science.


Mantrajapa is done in 4 ways.
The 1st way is to loudly chant the mantra.
The 2nd way is not to utter it loudly, but to move your lips in accordance with the mantra.
The 3rd way of chanting is to internally repeat the chant over and over again but quietly.
And the 4th way of mantra japa is called Ajapa-japa. Here you do not chant the mantra. You listen to the mantra echo spontaneously in your consciousness.

Chanting a mantra in itself has great impacts. But, if you have a mystic connection to the diety of the chant you can even generate mantra shakti by chanting it for a certain number of times and you dedicate it as an offering to someone who may need it.
The ekam mantra could be recited by everyone; anywhere and anytime.



Ekam mantra is a siddha mantra. Siddha mantras are rare mantras that have immense power built into them. Siddha mantras can be chanted anywhere, anytime, with any intention. Millions of seekers from across the globe are testimonies to the power of the Ekam mantra. You can chant the Ekam mantra for the attainment of any intention, you can chant it for your spiritual evolution or you can even chant the Ekam mantra to move into a state of trance or expansiveness.

This chant explains the state of ekam, the state of non duality or oneness. Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji believe that all that exists is one, the all-pervasive field of consciousness that manifests as all matter, life, and energy. There is nothing other than one undifferentiated field of consciousness. They call this one force, one field, and one consciousness, as the Universal Intelligence.

Hamsa in the chant  means I am one with the Universal Intelligence. I do not exist separate from it.

Sohum means the Universal Intelligence is one with me. The Universal Intelligence cannot exist independent of me.

Ekam means the one. All there is, is the one. All there is is the Universal Intelligence.


Chanting the Ekam mantra everyday for 21 times, 49 times, 108 times or 1008 times would benefit you enormously. Chanting the Ekam mantra would relieve you of your stress.

The non-stop chatter of your mind would reduce and you would be transported to a state of inner peace. This state of mind, would enable your consciousness to tune into your divine and receive guidance.

While chanting the Ekam mantra, you could connect with your divine in your heart. Hold an intention for yourself or for your loved ones – it could be for prosperity, love, happiness, intelligence, business growth, success, marriage, divine children or whatever you want in life.

You could also hold an intention for your spiritual growth and chant this mantra. Your consciousness would then open up to experiencing great spiritual states; where you would experience oneness with yourself, oneness with your family and friends, oneness with society, oneness with nature, oneness with the universe and ultimately oneness with your divine!

Before chanting this mantra, become clear of what it is you want in life. Seeking blessings from your divine start chanting the mantra.
No matter what your life’s circumstances are, chanting this mantra with utmost devotion will help you receive blessings from the divine.