Tapas at Ekam is not a Spanish snack!!!

Tapas is a very sacred Sanskrit term that denotes a process of kindling inner radiance and stoking the mystic fire in consciousness.

If you are a seeker yearning awakening or enlightenment, Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji have created Ekam Tapas – a series of processes and practices in the sanctum of Ekam and in the womb of nature amidst the hills and forests of Ekam to burn lifetimes of karma and ignorance. Ekam tapas will lead you into expansive states of consciousness.

Tapas also means heat.just as a mother bird sits on her egg and hatches it with the heat of her body, so to Ekam tapas is an incubation on insights and revelations from the universal intelligence. Tapas prepares you to receive the immensely powerful deekshas from Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji to push you into states beyond the mind.

Tapas is part of the higher courses and on special occasions is offered to a seeker who is ripe.


What is the purpose of Ekam Tapas?

To bring Oneness in human consciousnesses by creating phase transition in the human collective has been Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan’s vision for decades.

And Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji have now taken up the fulfillment of this vision- the vision to create 74,000 Sampoorna Jeevan Muktas- Beings who live with a liberated consciousness.

It is to create these Jeevan Muktas that Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji are beginning ‘EKAM TAPAS’ – a 42 day journey divided into 6 weeks solely dedicated to the seekers of enlightenment. It is offered on specially designated campuses around Ekam. Ekam Tapas is an intensive course for enlightenment that will be lead by Ekam dasas who are themselves in Tapas.

How many days is the Ekam Tapas Course?

Ekam Tapas is a total of 42 days divided into 6 weeks.
Each week of the Tapas more intense than the previous one- pushing you further and further into self Realization and God realization.

Is Ekam Tapas a progressive journey ?

You can participate in Ekam Tapas liberation from ego, liberation from Vasanas, liberation from craving and liberation from the mind in any order. Once you complete Ekam Tapas 1, 2, 3 & 4, you progress to Ekam Tapas for liberation from ignorance and liberation form the illusory self.

However Ekam Tapas for liberation from ignorance And liberation from the illusory self are only for the Ekam mithras who are actively involved in Ekam seva.

Who is eligible to apply for Ekam Tapas ?

For the first 4 facets of tapas, here are the prerequisites to apply.

You should at least have attended one Manifest mystic process online with Sri Preethaji or 5 Awakenings with Sri Preethaji or Bodhi with Sri Preethaji or Field of Awakening with Sri Preethaji or any of the Ekam Festivals.

While the last 2 facets of Ekam Tapas is only upon selection.


TAPAS (Week 1-4)
January 23 to February 19, 2023 Ekam Tapas (Apply for all 4 weeks) Apply now
January 23 to February 05, 2023 Ekam Tapas (Apply for 1st & 2nd weeks) Apply now
February 06 to February 19, 2023 Ekam Tapas (Apply for 3rd & 4th weeks) Apply now

These dates don’t include the arrival and departure day.
Please plan to arrive a day before and leave the following day.