Sri Krishnaji & Youth


Do remember to join & receive this incredible opportunity to interact, learn, grow and be lead directly by our Mukti Guru Sri Krishnaji.

Saturday, DEC 17th 2023

06.00 pm to 07.00 pm IST








*Age for registration: 14-30*
If applicant is not in this age limit, participation will be cancelled and fee won’t be refunded.

SKY is an extraordinary opportunity for young people to engage with Sri Krishnaji, an enlightened master and co-founder of Ekam, who will not only give them penetrating wisdom but also practical guidance on how to engage with life’s challenges as a youth in this world.

SKY events take place virtually every month, where Sri Krishnaji will interact with young people from all over the world and lead them into awakened states of consciousness, allowing them to manifest their latent genius and realise their aspirations. 

Under Sri Krishnaji’s guidance, you will learn to seamlessly switch between various brain states, from the distracting Beta state to the focused Alpha and transcendental Theta states. This will help you dissolve chaos and stress, so that you can be in a calm and noiseless place from which clear thinking arises. You will then discover your purpose, nurture freedom and love in your relationships, cultivate ease and acceptance, build courage and skills to cope with life’s challenges, and dissolve destructive emotions and addictions.

If you are truly passionate about creating change in your life and maximising your fullest potential for excellence and achievement, SKY is the perfect program for you. SKY is for youths who are ready to embrace their inner potential and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Join Sri Krishnaji & Youth today and embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and leadership.

Your destiny is dependent on your evolution. If you grow in your consciousness, your destiny changes. The earlier in life you make the right choices, the greater the ripple effect and more magnificent your destiny becomes.

Sri Krishnaji