Sri Krishnaji & Youth

Sunday, April 16th 2023

06.00 pm to 07.00 pm IST








*Age for registration: 14-35*
If applicant is not in this age limit, participation will be cancelled and fee won’t be refunded.

Sri Krishnaji & Youth, popularly known as SKY, is an annual membership event open to young people all over the world.

In this monthly online event, Sri Krishnaji leads young people into tapping the greater potential of the brain to move into awakened states of consciousness from which they can manifest their latent genius and their fondest aspirations.

SKY is the most extraordinary opportunity available for young people to emerge into Oneness young leaders under the direct guidance of Mukti guru sri Krishnaji

Learning, growing and evolving into leaders under Sri Krishnaji means Daring to venture into an inner adventure.

It is for those who are passionate to bring change in- Scaling your potential for excellence and achievement.

Arriving at clear thinking and discover your purpose.

Nurturing freedom and love in relationships.

Cultivating ease and acceptance over your body and your nature.

Building courage and skill to cope with life’s challenges.

Dissolving destructive emotions and addictions.

In SKY Sri Krishnaji teaches you to seamlessly switch between various brain wave states from the distracting Beta state to focused Alpha and transcendental Theta to maximise your potential.

Under the guidance of Sri Krishnaji, an entire ecosystem offers you a year of wisdom, special meditation practices and support from dasas and other young leaders of Ekam community.

It is an opportunity to learn, to interact & to connect with youth from various nations of the world.

It is a path for learning- growing & serving.

Your destiny is dependent on your evolution. If you grow in your consciousness, your destiny changes. The earlier in life you make the right choices, the greater the ripple effect and more magnificent your destiny becomes.

Sri Krishnaji