Ekam means Oneness. At Ekam, there is a oneness field, created by its sacred architecture and by the presence of the Golden Orb, or the Hiranya Garbha.

The Hiranya Garba was first mentioned 10,000 years ago in the Rig Veda, the world’s most ancient scripture. Our ancients had a mystical experience about the origin of the Universe. They saw the entire visible universe, and the countless Lokaas in the invisible universe, all being born from the luminous Cosmic Womb. This cosmic womb, in Sanskrit, is called the Hiranya Garbha. The Cosmic Womb or the Hiranya Garbha has everything contained within itself – space, time, matter, energy, and consciousness. This Hiranya Garbha exploded, and the Universe as we know it today came into existence. This is what the Big Bang Theory also alludes to. Ekam is the sacred abode of the Hiranya Garbha; Ekam is the sacred abode of the Cosmic Womb.

When people enter the sanctum of Ekam, in the presence of the Hiranya Garbha, they begin to have transcendental experiences of their personal divine, regardless of what they may believe or not believe about the divine, or whichever form of the divine they worship.


The process of creation is of the one appearing as many, of the one universal source becoming the celestial bodies in the sky. It is the Hiranya Garbha from which various forms of energy like heat, light and sound emanated; it is the Hiranya Garbha from which life and life forms emerged.

The Universe is now a colossal 13.5 billion years old. It is now in its middle age and once day, the many will once again become the one, becoming the Hiranya Garbha once again. This is the flow of the Universe, from one to many and many to one. When our ancients had the experience of the Hiranya Garbha, they saw numerous gods and goddesses as the many forms of the Hiranya Garbha.

Not many in the world know that the very first personified form of the divine that emerged from the Hiranya Garbha was called Prajapathi. The word Prajapathi means ‘the Lord of All Creation’, or the Lord of all beings. Prajapathi was the name of the divine during the Rig Vedic times, several thousand years ago. All other gods came much later. By the time people began to build temples, both Hiranya Garbha and the Prajapathi were forgotten. That is why there is neither a temple nor a ritual to honor this great revelation our ancients had.

This Hiranya Garbha appeared in Sri Krishnaji’s father, Sri Bhagavan when Sri Bhagavan was 3 years old. For many years, Sri Bhagavan chanted a mantra into the Hiranya Garbha. Over the years, Sri Bhagavan understood that the Hiranya Garbha had come to answer the prayers of humanity and enlighten humanity. Sri Bhagavan knew a phenomenon was going to happen on earth. When Sri Bhagavan was 21 years old, the Hiranya Garbha suddenly disappeared from within him.

However, about two decades later, the Hiranya Garbha re-appeared to Sri Krishnaji when he was 11 years old. Sri Krishnaji was then studying in a school founded by Sri Bhagavan, called Jeevashram. One day, a magnificent golden being suddenly manifested in Sri Krishnaji’s heart. When Sri Krishnaji asked him who he was, this being called himself by name. He said, “I am Prajapathi.” Sri Krishnaji then began to converse with Prajapathi and shared a beautiful connection with this golden being who would take him on mystical journeys to higher worlds, reveal past lives, heal people and perform miracles around nature. That golden being, after some time, transformed into a golden orb, or the Hiranya Garbha. When Sri Krishnaji shared his experiences with his father, Sri Bhagavan  immediately knew that the Hiranya Garbha into which he had chanted for several years, had re-appeared in his son to help humanity. The time had come. Sri Bhagavan asked Krishnaji if he could transfer this experience to others. Sri Krishnaji somehow had a deep knowing of how to do it, and when he transferred the Hiranya Garbha to the students in the school and their parents, they went into magnificent, enlightened states of consciousness. This phenomenon of transference of divine grace that had started with Sri Krishnaji, is now initiated into seekers as Deeksha.

“Our vision is to help you move from a suffering state to a beautiful state,
disconnection to connection, separation to being one”.