The Sankalpa program for adults is for anyone aged 36 years to 70 years, who are in good physical health  to experience a 6-month long immersion program at Ekam, a centre for enlightenment in India.

Participants come with an intention, or sankalpa, they have set for themselves to achieve, and in the 6 months they spend in the program, they live a disciplined life, cultivating awareness and doing seva, or selfless service. They have opportunities to attend classes conducted by Ekam faculty, be involved in developmental work in the surrounding villages and even meet with Sri Krishnaji himself.

This 6-month immersion program is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to take a break from the world and give selfless service, to make a meaningful and lasting impact to humanity. It is not only a valuable opportunity to serve in the enlightenment of the world, but also a preparation for your own flowering and enlightenment.