Oneness Sangha Mitra is a seva opportunity offered only at Ekam, the World Centre for Enlightenment.

This unique blessing of being a part of the inner circle of Oneness is given only to those who have participated in Ekam tapas and have personally experienced a massive awakening in their consciousness towards Oneness. 

A tapasvi between 18 and 60 can undertake the journey of sanghamitra. However, this journey is only for those passionate about playing a significant role in the mukti guru’s noble vision for humanity’s enlightenment. 

As a sanghamitra, you will experience a simple, disciplined monastic/ashram life. You will immerse yourself in profound sadhanas(spiritual practices), be periodically led into spiritual wisdom and greater experiences by the disciples of the mukti gurus, and have the blessing of performing invaluable seva at the various spiritual journeys that happen for seekers at Ekam campuses. 

The most precious aspect of this journey is the direct mentoring you will receive from the muktigurus themselves, guiding you to become a greater vehicle for humanity’s transformation and enlightenment. 

Your time spent within the sacred precincts of Ekam will transform you as an individual and create you into a compassionate and powerful leader capable of leading the vision of Oneness.

Becoming a Sanghamitra is the result of punya or spiritual good karma you have accrued from several lifetimes.