Welcome to Ekam Anubhava

Your Pathway to Spiritual Transformation

Embark on a life-changing weekend retreat at Ekam, the world’s only Vedic mystic architecture for enlightenment, designed to help you uncover the power to reshape your destiny. Join us every weekend from Saturday 6:00am to Sunday 6:00pm.

Discover the Sacred Geometry of the Gods
Nestled in a peaceful and inspiring atmosphere, Ekam is a spiritual haven, co-created by Mukti guru Sri Krishnaji to pay tribute to the vision of his parents, Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan. Entering this divine sanctuary, you will experience an extraordinary blessing that spans multiple lifetimes.

Embrace the Ekam Anubhava Experience
Join us for a 2-day immersive retreat that nurtures your body, mind, and consciousness. Ekam Anubhava provides:

A meditative experience to rejuvenate your body
A liberating experience to free your mind
An ecstatic experience to open your heart
A transcendental experience to elevate your soul
Awaken the Divine Within

By immersing yourself in the Ekam Anubhava experience, you will awaken the divine power within your heart, inviting synchronicities and miracles into your life. Whether you’re a seasoned spiritual seeker or new to meditation, you are welcome to join us with your family and friends to rewrite your destiny.

Experience Homely Comfort and Care
We offer wholesome food and comfortable accommodations for all seekers on our campus. Charges apply, and prior booking is essential to ensure a smooth experience.

Embark on a mystical journey of self-discovery and divine connection. Reserve your spot today, and let the power of Ekam Anubhava guide you towards a life enriched with grace and miracles.

Ekam – Oneness,
Bathalavallam (Village),
Chilamattoor (Post), Varadaiahpalem (Mandal),
Chittoor (District), Andhra Pradesh – 517541