Embrace Prosperity and Peace

In the wake of recent global challenges, Oneness Abundance Festival emerges as a beacon of hope and transformation.
Immerse yourself in the midst of these delicate times and discover the strength of inner peace and collective prosperity.


“The Abundance Festival revolutionized my business mindset. Its wisdom on abundance reshaped my leadership, driving company success and community impact”
Amit Entrepreneur

The Festival Experience

Immerse yourself in the sacred flow of enlightening wisdom and mystic journey, crafted to awaken the divinity within and harmonize your being with the boundless prosperity of the universe.


Samskara Cleansing

Engage in deep self-exploration to cleanse life-shaping samskaras and renew your existence.


Consciousness Expansion

Embark on a sacred journey to deepen your oneness consciousness through profound meditations and wisdom.


Vision Manifestation

Harness the collective festivity to transform intentions into tangible life experiences.


Community Connection

Unite with souls aligned in purpose to foster connections that elevate collective abundance.

Oneness in Changing Times

Amidst global challenges, discover transformation and abundance at the Oneness Abundance Festival. Elevate consciousness, find wisdom, and embrace growth together.

  • Profound Wisdom Sessions Inspired by Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji
  • Guidance Tailored to Your Spiritual Journey
  • Enlightening Healing Processes for Collective Harmony
  • Immersive Synergy Sessions

“The festival was a miraculous journey that not only transformed my personal and professional life but also brought about a profound sense of balance and clarity.”
Karan Entrepreneur

Riddhi, Siddhi & Buddhi

Embark on a sacred voyage through the realms of abundance, attainment, and higher discernment to awaken your spiritual abundance consciousness.

  • Experience Riddhi – the manifestation of boundless prosperity
  • Attain Siddhi – the pinnacle of achievement and expertise
  • Develop Buddhi – the awakening of insightful wisdom guiding our path
  • Discover unity in purpose – aligning individual transformation with the collective

The Oneness Abundance Festival provided insights into Riddhi, Siddhi, and Buddhi, enriching my understanding of true wealth.
A Seeker of Abundance Explorer of Prosperity & Purpose

The Pillars of Abundance

Embark on a deeply transformative journey that nurtures an all-encompassing embrace of abundance, harmonizing the richness of life in all its dimensions.

Inner Harmony

Cultivate a resonant field where the heart, mind, and soul align in perfect serenity, fostering an environment where abundance not merely grows but thrives in elegant synchronicity.

Collective Transformation

Enter into the expansive embrace of collective consciousness, where every individual transformation resonates with the power of the whole, uplifting the spirit of community to transcendent heights.

Innovation in Spirituality

Journey with us through transformative spiritual practices, as we pioneer pathways that honor the unfolding quest of humanity for deeper significance and connection.

Accommodation Options

Explore a variety of accommodation types and register for the one that aligns with your needs. Our options cater to different preferences and budgets.

Stories of Change

Inspirations from 5000+ participants

The festival renewed my approach to healthcare, making it more compassionate and holistic.
– Priya

It enhanced my teaching, fostering inclusivity and student well-being.
– Ram

I’ve found more joy and unity in family, and started a community garden for sustainability.
– Sunita

The festival improved my focus and work-life balance, exceeding my expectations.
– Praveen

The festival unlocked new avenues of creativity in my art and brought vibrancy to my gallery.
– Diego

I gained financial literacy and empowerment, enhancing my personal and family’s economic stability.
– Linda

It nurtured my spiritual journey, deepening my meditation practices and inner peace.
– Sam

The festival helped me find harmony in my relationships, spreading love and understanding.
– Anika

My culinary passion turned into a profitable adventure, thanks to the festival’s entrepreneurial spirit.
– Chen

I discovered a new sense of purpose in retirement, creating a vibrant community of like-minded elders.
– Margaret

It spurred me towards ecological action, leading sustainability drives in my neighborhood.
– Vidhya

Enhanced my parenting approach, fostering deeper connections with my children and family.
– Johnson

The festival equipped me with resilience and adaptive strategies for my start-up’s growth.
– Aarav

Ready to Transform?

Take the first step towards a life of abundance and oneness. Join us on a journey that will redefine your world.