12 Day EKAM Gratitude challenge  BEGINS

14th – 25th Nov, 2022

12th – 23rd Nov, 2022 (for USA)

It’s more than a 12 day challenge, it’s a way of life

The gratitude challenge connects your past, present and future

It will awaken your spirit and make you feel alive

To take up the gratitude challenge to your friends & communities, all you need to do is invest 90 minutes and go through a special training that would happen on November 9th.

You could apply and receive an invitation from us to join the training.

Welcome to our 12 day gratitude challenge. In these 12 days as your heart awakens, to gratitude your heart’s magnetic field becomes powerful. Your heart connects to the divine intelligence, which will manifest great synchronicities and miracles in your life. That is why the heart is called the Hrit Pundareka Kshetra  or the heart Lotus where the divine abides.

12 differing gratitude challenges in 12 days, Let us   see if you can rise to the occation.


“For every day spent in suffering is a wasted day, and every day lived in a beautiful state is life truly lived.”