Oneness Abundance Festival


APRIL 21TH – 27TH, 2024


Join us at the Oneness Abundance Festival, envisioned by our Mukti Gurus, Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji, to transform into conscious wealth creators. This 7-day festival is your gateway to tapping into the infinite potential of the universe, awakening wealth consciousness that benefits all.

Experience a profound journey of insights, mystic processes, and meditation designed to unlock your wealth consciousness. Learn to recognize and shift the currents of abundance in your life, dissolve karmic obstacles, and align with prosperity on all levels.

  • Insights into wealth creation from Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji.
  • Mystic processes for dissolving karmic blocks.
  • Meditation sessions for activating prosperity energy vortices

Transformed Lives

Participants Share Their Journey

Hear from those who’ve experienced miraculous shifts in their wealth consciousness and how the Oneness Abundance Festival has opened new doors of opportunities and prosperity for them.

“Attending the Abundance Festival was enlightening. I’ve learned to foster a sense of abundance that goes beyond financials—it’s about rich experiences and impactful service. Our non-profit has flourished, creating more impactful community programs. It’s truly inspiring.”
Elena, Non-Profit Founder, USA

“The festival’s focus on interconnectedness has deeply influenced my art. I’ve found a profound sense of community and creativity, and my work now reflects the vibrant spirit of abundance that resonates with my cultural heritage. It’s a celebration of life in every piece I create.”
Carlos, Artisan, Mexico

“The principles of abundance and unity have transformed my approach to corporate training. We’ve cultivated a work environment where growth and success are achieved through collaboration and collective well-being. It’s not just our profits that have increased, but our job satisfaction too.”
Anika James, Corporate Trainer, Germany

“Joining the festival, I discovered a universal abundance that harmonizes with my Zen practices. It’s deepened my understanding of nature’s cycles and human connections. My gardens are not just landscapes now; they’re tapestries of life’s interconnected abundance.”
Hiroshi, Zen Gardener, Japan

“The Abundance Festival was a revelation. It’s broadened my perspective, infusing our community projects with new vigor. We’re creating spaces that thrive on mutual support and respect, fostering a sense of shared prosperity that uplifts our entire community.”
Aishah, Community Organizer, Malaysia

A Mystic Festival for Everyone

Whether you’re seeking growth, facing obstacles, or eager to contribute to the prosperity of those around you, the Oneness Abundance Festival welcomes all. It’s an extraordinary opportunity for individuals and families, including parents with teenage children, to acquire a wealth consciousness early in life.

Unlock the Secrets of Wealth Consciousness

Dive deep into the art of wealth creation with unique sessions each day, focusing on breaking free from downward spirals and enhancing your upward energy flow for sustained abundance. Engage in powerful meditations, connect with divine energies, and receive blessings for prosperity.

  • Tapping into wealth consciousness with Mukti Gurus.
  • Releasing negative karmic impacts and embracing positive energy flow.
  • Vasana kshaya – dissipating negative forces from past lives.

Join the Abundance Revolution

Ready to transform your relationship with wealth? Register now for the Oneness Abundance Festival and embark on a journey that promises not just personal prosperity, but the well-being of all.