Mentoring by Sri Krishnaji to nurture intuitive leaders who access universal intelligence, conscious leaders who
experience a connected consciousness & wise leaders who create and contribute to greater abundance and well being in society

Being a One Consciousness Leader, you are at the heart of O&O Academy.

You are a pillar upholding the grand vision of world transformation.

You have the unique opportunity of knowing the founders and their vision personally and contributing towards it.

Like how our nervous system plays a crucial role in connecting every part of our body to every other part, an One Consciousness Leader is someone who is able to function at a high level of interconnection with various people, systems and sectors to bring about a massive transformation in consciousness.

The vision of the founders is to create 1000 One-Consciousness Leaders and influencers who accelerate world transformation.

Being in the One Consciousness Leaders Circle, you have the privilege of being directly guided and mentored by Krishnaji on various life issues, as well as spiritual attainments.

Your consciousness is impacted directly by the gift of blessing you receive from Krishnaji at every level of your OCLC journey. Krishnaji’s blessing initiates a neuro-biological transformation that unfolds as great intelligence, magical synchronicities and transcendental experiences making your personal and professional life extraordinary and impactful.

Life has prepared us for this great destiny. Its time we fulfil it.

Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji have designed OCLC as a scientific progression of awakening for every one of you.

You go through 6 Spiritual Attainments awakening to several powerful aspects of Consciousness in 10 levels.

At the end of every level, through direct blessings from Sri Krishnaji, you will be initiated into special Deeksha powers to awaken others to the magnificent aspects of consciousness. This is made possible only because of the unique journey you have been through at the OCLC .


You attract 8 forms of abundance into your life and become imbued with the power to manifest miracles and synchronicities in life


You create magic in personal relationships, work life and social life by awakening to love in every aspect.


From being a person, you become a powerful presence that can impact the web of life by transforming people and situations.


Living free of the clutches of suffering, you become a force for peace, happiness and well being in the world. Because you know to lead yourself, you know to lead the world.


Living in Oneness Consciousness, you contribute to breaking down walls of separation and creating a connected humanity and a connected world. Under your care the world around transforms and heals.


You emerge into a wise one capable of teaching the way to humanity. A philosopher is the ultimate product of any nation. You become a blessing to the world.

One Consciousness Leaders Circle is not like any other course. It is a process that holds at its core, esoteric meditations from ancient sages and seers, practices and methods based on latest scientific research and life transforming wisdom directly from the founders, Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji. At every level of OCLC , your spiritual transformation will unfold in 5 phases during which your consciousness will flower, awaken and expand into the various spiritual attainments.

Phase 1: You have a 12-day course for level 1 & 9 days for levels 2-10.

Phase 2: You go through a 3-day sacred space experience to immerse in the transcendental at the O&O Campus 3.

Phase 3: You participate in Sri Preethaji’s Field of Abundance happening anywhere in the world. You will enter the Limitless Field with Sri Preethaji to awaken to powerful realms in consciousness.

Phase 4: You go through a 3-day process at Ekam. The energy field at Ekam along with the power of the phenomenon will impact a neurobiological transformation making you live every day in immensely beautiful states of consciousness.

Phase 5: You have the blessing of participating in Sri Preethaji’s FOA a second time to be impacted by the magnificent and powerful presence of Sri Preethaji.

The 10 gifts you receive as an One Consciousness Leader

  1. Personal guidance from your teacher
  2. Access to the most sublime and profound teachings from the founders that are unique to OCLC
  3. Privilege seating every time you visit Ekam
  4. Privilege seating and free ticket to Field of Abundance in any part of the world
  5. Regular online follow up session from the academy for continued learning and growth
  6. Free Sacred Space experience for 3-days during every OCLC level
  7. 3-day invitation to attend Ekam process
  8. Direct personal interaction with the founder at every level of your journey
  9. Blessings in Ekam directly from Sri Krishnaji for manifesting 3 heart-felt intentions
  10. Empowering you with a special siddhi (spiritual power) at the end of every level. With the power of Siddhi, you participate in world transformation through awakening people

Upcoming OCLC Courses



Process Dates 

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Campus Guidelines and Travel Information* All participants are requested to arrive a day before the course starting date. Courses must be taken in consecutive order, starting with OCLC 1 onwards for New Grads.