Manifest your intentions with Soul Sync Fest

New year is a time for resolutions and fresh starts. What better way to kick off the new year than by setting your intentions and manifesting them into reality? Soul Sync Fest is to do just that. This 7 day fest will be held from January 1st-7th 2023, and will offer participants the opportunity to change their brain state, move into expanded consciousness, and achieve their five intentions for the new year.

During the soul sync fest, you can soul sync for any one of these 5 intentions. You may hold these intentions for yourself or for your loved one or you may also hold a collective intention for your family or team mates or your group.


Health: Your bodies being healed and whole and experience great energy and vitality in the present moment.

Wealth: Feel the wealth & prosperity you wish for in your life and live life of abundance in the present moment.

Love in relationships: Experience a joyful, fulfilling connection and see yourself living and sharing that connection in the present moment.

Achievements: Manifest the achievements you wish to experience and feel the joy of having it accomplished.

Kindness: Radiate kindness towards everyone who is a part of your life. Feel waves of kindness flow and engulf all those part of your soul-circle..

Soul Sync Fest is led by Ekam Mithras, Ekam Tapasvis and Ekam volunteers.
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What is Soul Sync?
Soul Sync is a powerful meditation designed by Sri Preethaji (co-creator of Ekam) that can help manifest your heart felt intentions into realities.

Does Soul Sync Meditation has any corelation to our brain?

By doing the soul sync you are changing the brain wave frequency from beta state to alpha state.
Let us understand these two brain states.

You are most often functioning from a beta brain state. In this state your brain wave frequency is fast , something like 13-30 Hz per seconds.

In this state, there is very less attention to what ever is going on. Life is experienced in a rush. You are running and running, never pausing to experience anything.

Being in beta state, your mind becomes a monkey mind – that is jumpy and distracted, and never able bring steady focus on anything. As a result, you may put in humungous efforts into something but still you cannot create excellence.

Being in beta state, you are sending negative signals into the universe and You are drawing more challenges, obstacles and problems into your life.

Soul sync will help you to make a shift in your brain state to alpha, which is like a bed of creativity and intelligence upon which you can build a beautiful life.

Alpha waves are slower waves ranging from 8-12 Hz and they relax and calm your brain and nervous system.

When you live from alpha brain state, you take everything you do to excellence because in this brain state you have an abundance of attention. There is no rush to arrive at the finish point. Your brain is assimilating all the new information and there is an immense amount of learning and growth that is happening in the brain.

In alpha you are able tune into the universal intelligence and draw beautiful and harmonious events into your life.

It is a state where life feels beautiful and effortless. To love, to live, to achieve –everything feels effortless.

Soul Sync is infinitely more powerful than positive thinking and imagining.

With this transformed brain and state of expanded consciousness, you are holding an intention that can easily manifest as reality.

When is it best done? What are its benefits?
The beauty of soul sync is that it hardly takes anything between 9-12 minutes. Soul Sync is best done in the morning as soon as you wake up.

– You start the day from a beautiful state. And it flow into your day.
– You begin the day with a clear intention.
– You have channeled the grace and power of UI. So the day will be a beautiful happening.

You can also do it any time of the day.

You can practice individually or as a family or as a group to manifest a specific intention.

What is the posture?

It is done in seated position. You may either be seated on a chair or on your meditation cushion on the floor. Your palms resting on your thighs, you keep count with your fingers at every stage of the meditation. Your thumbs gently touching the tips of each of your other fingers.

What are the 6 steps of Soul Sync?
1. The first stage of Soul Sync, you practice 8 conscious breaths. As you move from one breath to the other, you keep count with your fingers. It is okay if your attention wanders, please bring it back and continue unperturbed.

By the time you finish the first stage in Soul Sync, your para -sympathetic nervous system is fully active. Therefore your blood pressure begins comes to balance. And your digestive system begins to be impacted positively.

2. The second stage is to inhale deeply, and while exhaling you make the humming sound of a bee at a base pitch. Please listen to the sound with total attention. When you do this, spiritually your ajnya chakra or the third eye is getting activated.

It is releasing nitric oxide from your sinuses, which will cause a deep sense of relaxation within your body and also positively impacts your heart muscles. Nitric oxide when released slows down your pulse. It leads you to a much deeper state of relaxation.

3. At the third stage – You observe the pause between inhale and exhale. When we inhale and exhale, there occurs a natural pause after each inhalation, before exhalation begins. Observe that pause. You do this for 8 cycles of breathing. As you do it, you begin to experience a slowing down of your thoughts. It is a beautiful spiritual experience.

4. In fourth stage –You inhale and exhaling as you inwardly chant the mantra “Aham”. Aham means, “I am Limitless Consciousness”. You repeat the mantra 8 cycles. At this stage, you move beyond your limited self. You realize that you are infinite consciousness. You are taking your meditation beyond calm to expansion.

5. In the fifth stage – You imagine your body expands into light, into a field of consciousness … the floor, the table, and the people around you … everything expanding into one unitary field of consciousness. You can either feel it or think it. In this field of consciousness, everything is connected. Everything is one. It is one single unitary field of consciousness. There is no separation, no division. In this field, thought and matter are one. Desire and reality are one.

6. In the sixth stage, you feel or see or imagine one of your heart felt desire. Feel it, as if it is happening in the now. Feel that intention’s manifestation through all your senses. See it vividly, hear it, smell it, touch it and taste it.

Let the future be here in the present moment.

Is there any guided meditations available to Soul Sync? Will there be anyone available to lead the meditations where I can go and participate?
Soul Sync Fest 2023 guided meditation in English will be available in Breathing Room Meditation Platform.

Soul Sync Fest is also led by Ekam Tapasvis/Mithras/Volunteers. You could find the details and reach out to them.