Millions Meditating for World Oneness

MAR 7th, 2022
6.00 PM IST

Oneness is a state of being where there is no conflict and no separation. This state of oneness is your true nature; you only need to wake up to it.

If you want to make your life more peaceful, it is important to nurture this state of oneness.
When you live from a disconnected state, you attract chaotic events into your life. But when you live from a state of Oneness, you will attract more harmonious events.

The life experiences of all people who have ever lived, and who are alive now, create the human collective consciousness. This cloud of energy influences our experiences, for better or worse.

We need to change this so that our children and grandchildren will live a more fulfilled life.
This way, they will be influenced and inspired by light and oneness instead of the darkness of disconnection.

We need to create a whole generation of people who are “living from oneness consciousness.” We need to live as parents, grandparents, professionals, and leaders who are aware of this highest potential in consciousness which is oneness or Ekam.

We have conducted many experiments in the laboratory of human life. We have found that when 9 people in a closely-knit group of family and friends experience this state of Oneness, it affects the entire group. A phenomenon happens where the entire group’s life patterns shift.

When a certain number of people live in oneness consciousness within a family, and at each level of an organization – that family and organization has a shift in its collective culture. They function as one brain and one consciousness.
When humanity awakens to oneness we will find solutions to all the problems that surround us. In fact, most of these problems will dissipate.

We are coming together on March 7th evening to create World Oneness Wave through the power of Deeksha. This will change collective human destiny. It is an incredible experience to taste oneness and allow it to flow through you into the world.

Let’s create a generation of people who live in Oneness, who will be a blessing to their families, communities and the earth


To create this tidal Wave of Oneness and generate the Deeksha power that will flow through millions, Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji have moved into Maha Dhyana on 13th February. The merit of their Maha Dhyana will then be offered for the cause of World Oneness.

You could also join Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji with your Dhyana and chant the Ekam Mantra 108 times every day. And offer the merit of your chanting for the cause of World Oneness.

Chant the Ekam Mantra 108 Times | World Oneness Day:


21st February to 6th March

Several thousands of Ekam Deeksha Givers, Ekam Mithras, Ekam Meditators & Ekam Community has already begun their dhyana for world oneness starting from February 13th. As you do your dhyana every day, you will experience greater connection and oneness with your family members, friends, and people around you.

For 14 days from 21st February, you can lead your community and new seekers through World Oneness day practices. These 7 practices done twice in 2 weeks are preparation for the community and seekers towards World Oneness Day.

It is a completely guided practice video and Deeksha givers can give intention or touch Deeksha at the end of the practice. The video has wisdom, a meditation on a chakra, then dhyana on Ekam mantra 108 times. (These video practices is to be used for 2 weeks.)

With this experience of connection and oneness, you will be an excellent conduit for divine blessings to flow through you when you give Deeksha on the world oneness day.

To contribute to the oneness of humanity is an extraordinary blessing and Punya.

The way you earn Punya is by inspiring 5 members of your soul circle, who are the closest relationships of your life, to do their dhyana as an offering to world oneness, and to join on the world oneness day to give Deeksha for awakening humanity to oneness.

On March 7th, as we connect as one and give Deeksha, a divine portal will open, and immense grace and blessings will flow to humanity.

Let us come together and create a massive World Oneness Wave!

Access the World Oneness Day Practices Here:

You can download the videos and use them in your Deeksha evenings both virtual and live. (Note each video will be made available previous day evening) Kindly save your respective links.


















To participate World Oneness Day Live at Ekam