Powerful Rituals performed inside Ekam for You


Ekam ceremonies are powerful rituals performed inside Ekam sanctum to honour and celebrate the various aspects and stages of life that each and everyone of us pass through in life. During these pivotal moments of life, your consciousness opens up to various samskaras to flow into you. Samskaras are impressions in consciousness that could surface from your previous lives, your ancestors, from people who are closely connected to you whom we call the ‘soul circle’ and they could also flow from the collective consciousness of humanity. The kind of samskaras that you draw into yourself depends largely on your state of being. Hence Ekam ceremonies are powerful rituals that transform your consciousness so you may draw auspicious, powerful and great samskaras into you and your family members for the fulfilment of a great destiny on this earth plane.

Ekam ceremonies are created to fulfil the great vision of Sanatana Dharma, that existed in India almost 8 thousand years ago, which upheld the immense sacredness of human life. When humanity will awaken to the sacredness of their own existence, then we a s a collective will begin to treat nature, other life forms and mother earth with sacredness and respect. Ekam ceremonies will bring back the sacred into the mundane and uplift every aspect of your life towards divinity.

During the Ekam Ceremonies you will have the great blessing of understanding Sri Preethaji’s and Sri Krishnaji ’s wisdom on the various aspects of human life. You will not only partake in a ritual but also partake in a huge spiritual journey that they envision for every human being on earth to live a complete life. Every ceremony will be a powerful spiritual experience that would transform the way you experience life and relationships.

In the Ekam ceremonies you will be connecting to the divine power of the Hiranya Garbha. The Hiranya Garbha symbolises the power of the Divine or God in whatever form you choose. In our Sanatana Dharma, the Hiranya Garbha is referred to as the first visible manifestation of the Unmanifest Bramhan or the Cosmic Consciousness. In the Rigveda Hiranyagarbha is said to have arisen in the beginning, the one being, who upholds heaven and earth, who gives life and breath and the one animating principle of all creation. The Hiranya Garbha manifested in Sri Bhagavan in his early childhood and later in Sri Krishnaji when he was 11 years old. Through them it flowed through as the magnificent phenomenon of Deeksha (Oneness Blessing) that has today touched the lives of several millions. The Hiranya Garbha is the all encompassing Cosmic Consciousness that will manifest to you in the form or way you choose. Ekam Ceremonies are the Muhurtas (time units) when the doors to the divine open for you to have a direct personal experience and receive blessings.

The Adhvaryas(officiators of the ceremony) are faculty leading a monastic life, who are mentored by Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji to live in a transformed consciousness and serve humanity and the divine. Their prayers are heart-felt and powerful owing to the sacred bond of connection they hold with their Antaryamin(divine within). These ceremonies are performed with greatest sanctity and profound dedication by them.


Vivaha samskara – Sacred Matrimony

Marriage is a sacred ceremony in every tradition in the world. It is a sacred because it is the beginning of a new relationship where two people begin a journey towards a shared destiny. They share each others happiness and unhappiness, success and failure, wealth and scarcity as one being, living one life. They live a life of shared vision – that shared vision could be rising a family, creating wealth for their future generations, to establish something for their future lineage, a work or profession that would be carried forward by their progeny, or together living a joyful and a fulfilled life. Marriage is the sacred new beginning which marks the coming together or two people at every level. Vivaha samskara is a series of sacred ceremonies and rites that are performed by the bride and the groom as well as their parents and siblings to invite auspicious samskaras and blessings of the divine into the lives of the couple.

As you participate in Ekam vivaha samsara, you will receive the immense blessings of the Hiranya Garbha from Ekam Sanctum, as samskaras of great love, companionship, togetherness and eternal and enduring connection. You will be lead through every step of the marriage ritual according to Sanatana dharma with Vedic chants. The couple will go through an immense spiritual experience immersing themselves in deep states of prayer, states of love and connection with each other and each other’s family members.

Saptapadi Samskara: Renewal of sacred marriage vows

Saptapadi samsara is performed for anyone who wishes to renew their marital vows. It is for couples who want to strengthen their mutual relationship by opening themselves to great samskaras of love to flow into them. You can do this at any point of time in your relationship. As the saptapadi samskaras are performed the couple will experience the blessings of Hiranya Garbha as deep friendship and mutual love that has the capacity to heal years of disappointment and hurts that has built walls of separation. Opening your consciousness through the saptapadi samskara will strengthen the roots of your marriage, to stay rooted in each other despite the storms of life that threaten to uproot it..

Love is the greatest samskara that holds a relationship together, not merely upholding values or fulfilling duties and responsibilities. Love heals your hearts and builds a strong foundation for you to create a beautiful destiny filled with prosperity, success and happiness for you and your family as a whole.

Garbha dharana samskaras : Pregnancy rites 

There are three important rites that a woman undergoes during the 9 month gestation period.

The first one happens soon after the couple make a decision to raise a family and bring a soul on to this planet. In this rite, the couple together hold a sacred intention to invite an evolved soul into the womb. During this period it is very important that the child is not conceived in a moment of stress, anxiety or driven by mere need for carnal pleasure. Only then a higher soul will be drawn into the womb. As the couple go through the ceremony of garbadharana samsara, they will open up to beautiful states of mutual love and connection and they will hold a great spiritual vision for the child to grow up into a great human being who will be a blessing upon this world.

The second one happens around the 3rd month of pregnancy when the foetus has begun to grow in the mother’s womb. This rite is done to protect the foetus from any sort of negative forces that may endanger its survival. The sacred ceremony will bless the foetus with long life and provide a divine protection inside the mother’s womb.

The third one happens around the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy. This is done to fill the mother’s body with auspicious energies and prepare her to give birth to the child. During this ceremony, the mother is showered with enormous blessings so that she is joyful, peaceful, experiencing a state of total contentment and fulfilment.

Ekam Garbha dharana samskaras will open the inner vision/the spiritual dimension of the parents so that they pass on great and auspicious samskaras to the child. These samskaras that the child receives from both parents during its stay in the mother’s womb is the foundation its future life.

Anna Prasnam: Partaking first food ceremony

This ceremony will be performed between 6th and the 8th month after the baby is born or when the teething begins. This is the time when nature biologically prepares the child to eat food independent of the mother. Until then the baby has been sustaining through nutrition from the mother. This ceremony is performed to sanctify the day when the child begin to be nurtured by mother earth.

As you perform the Ekam Anna Prashna samskara for your child, he/she will receive immense blessings and auspicious samskaras from the Hiranyagarbha for great health and physical vitality. This ceremony also ensures that a sacred connection with mother earth becomes an auspicious samsara in the child’s consciousness.

Medhajanana samskara : Ceremony for Activating intelligence

The first 5 years of the child is very significant in shaping the brain of the child. The brain is developing rapidly doubling and tripling its neural connections and not only that the brain is actually growing in size till age 5. By 3 years the brain is 80% of an adult brain then by age 5 it grows to the full size of an adult brain. The early impressions that form in the child’s brain shape the neural topography of the child’s brain, for it to be wired to great learning, passion, creativity, focus, big visions, happiness, love and success. Hence the ceremony for activating Intelligence.
This ceremony can be performed anytime before the child completes 5. As you perform the Ekam Medhajanana samskara, the child will receive immense blessings for great intelligence to flow through him/her from the Hiranya garba. The auspicious samskaras the child would receive through the ceremony would impact the brain towards greater growth, joy, learning, creativity and brilliance.

As you perform the Ekam Anna Prashna samskara for your child, he/she will receive immense blessings and auspicious samskaras from the Hiranyagarbha for great health and physical vitality. This ceremony also ensures that a sacred connection with mother earth becomes an auspicious samsara in the child’s consciousness.

Namakaranam: Naming ceremony

This is a sacred ritual of bestowing a name to the new born child. It is usually done on the 11th day after birth. A beautiful name selected by the parents is offered to the child amidst auspicious and ceremonious chants and rituals. This name draws beautiful samskaras and happenings into the life of the child and leads the child towards its greater destiny.
As you perform the Ekam Namakaranam for your child, the name offered will be immensely blessed and will begin to draw auspicious samskaras and beautiful happenings into his/her life from that day.

Punar namakaranam: Renaming/Spiritual naming ceremony

Your name is your primary identity on this earth plane. If you wish to shed off some of your painful and negative samskaras from the past and cleanse yourself, you may choose to take on a new spiritual name that will direct your life towards a great and a beautiful future. The Ekam Punarnamakaram ceremony will liberate you from past samskaras that are not serving you and fill you with immense blessings and auspicious samskaras so that you may enjoy a healthy, happy and a fulfilled life.

Shashtabdhapoorthi: 60th year celebration

This ceremony is performed to celebrate the joy and togetherness of a marriage/couple relationship when one of them reaches 60 years. During this ceremony, both partners ask for the blessing of longevity and togetherness for each other and also for long and enduring companionship with each other. The 60th year in a human beings life is considered a very important milestone in their spiritual evolution. During this powerful ceremony, the couple would receive immense blessings for a great spiritual awakening in their consciousness.

Bheema rata yatra: 70th year celebration

This ceremony is performed when one of the couples reach 70 years of age, which marks the next major milestone in a human life. During the ceremony both partners seek blessings from the Hiranya garbha for Jeevan Mukti or enlightenment which freedom from all forms of suffering. Mukti samskaras would flow into your consciousness and awaken you. You will also receive great blessings for your children and grandchildren and for all family members who are an inseparable part of your life.

Mahaprasthana ceremony: Ceremony for the departed

This is a sacred ceremony performed for someone who has departed from this earth plane to the higher realms. The ceremony would invoke divine blessings from the Hiranya garbha for their soul to be unbound, free, peaceful and to move towards the Light of the Divine. This ceremony will also heal the hearts of those who are grieving the departed so that they move forward in their life feeling peaceful.