Homas are powerful ancient fire rituals that have been performed in India by the Vedic sages for over more than 7000 years. This ancient ritual is a symbolic representation of the relationship between reality and the transcendental worlds. Through the medium of fire the performer offers prayers and offerings to the universe and receives blessings and divine energies.
While there are numerous homas some are known to be more powerful than the rest. when performed by a person with a mystic sense of the universe and done with ceremonial purity these homas will yield incredibly magical results for the participants in the sacred ceremony.
At Ekam we bring you the most powerful of these homas. Each of these homas gives rise to a specific beneficial impact.


Pitrushanti Homa
For liberation from ancestral curses and to receive their blessings.

Mahaganapathy Homa
For commencing or undertaking any new projects or relationships

Vidhya Homa
For knowledge and intelligence

Ayushya Homa
For health and longevity

Durga Homa
To win over destructive forces

Aishwarya Homa
For wealth and abundance

Dhanvantri Homa
For good health, physical and psychological healing

Mahadevi Homa
For loving intimate relationships

Sudharshana Homa
To win over enemies and to overcome sufferings

Gayatri Homa
For liberation from negative karma

Sri Bhagavathy Bhagavan Kataksha homa
For spiritual awakening, transformation and God-realization