Transform the course of the collective human consciousness


The vision is for Ekam meditators progressing on the path of spiritual awakening to collectively meditate and impact human consciousness towards greater compassion, peace, and oneness.


Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan have been tirelessly working to establish a minimum of 64000 Meditators in awakened states of consciousness across the globe. This would initiate a ‘phase transition’ in human consciousness. Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji, their spiritual heirs will now be carrying this vision forward. They have designed a unique set of meditations & mystic practices with the singular focus of achieving this collective transcendence.


If you seek to be part of this phenomenon, your journey starts with an initiation, a shakti Paath by Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji.

To recharge your consciousness periodically, we suggest you visit the Ekam Kshetra and meditate for a minimum of 3 days annually. Meditating in the sanctum of Ekam is like holding a prayer in the womb of the divine.

The Ekam Maha Kshetra was conceived to support the cause of this global shift in consciousness towards Oneness.

Your role as an Ekam meditator would be to dedicate 7 minutes every day by connecting to Ekam and meditating for the purpose of a global transformation.

You might wonder how can I meditate for 7 minutes every day bring about global transformation? Well remember, you and 64,000 other Ekam meditators are all meditating for 7 minutes every day.

Let me share a study with you. 4,000 meditators went to Washington, the USA on a six-week mission to reduce the crime rate. They did this experiment to show, that if individuals meditate together they can positively influence their world. Violent crimes dropped 23.6 percent in the first four weeks. This study shows that mass meditation has the power to positively impact humanity.

On special occasions we would also come together in meditation with Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji as a global family of meditators to thrust the human collective away from separation towards peace.

We invite everyone who is passionate about creating a new world to join us on this sacred mission. Let this be your gift for future generations.