The Ekam prayer is a special revelation to Sri Krishnaji, for helping humanity connect to the Universal Intelligence in the form of a personal divine and to draw from that power so as to manifest breakthroughs in your personal life.

Millions the world over experience incredible miracles after doing the Ekam prayer. Not only so, they also experience the protective embrace of the divine throughout the day in everything they do.

The Ekam prayer can be done every day or on days when you feel the need to be connected to the divine in a powerful way. It is especially effective if you do it during the four cardinal times of the day, which are sunrise, sunset, midday and midnight.

The Ekam prayer engages the totality of your being in this communion with the divine. You involve your soul, heart and body to draw power from the universe. As your heart speaks the language of the universe, it coaxes the divine to bring into manifestation your heartfelt intentions. In moving into a space of surrender to the divine, you let the divine exert her protective embrace over you and your life’s affairs.