Through Ekam prayer you will draw incredible miracles into your life.
You’ll experience a protective embrace of the divine in everything you do. Immerse in Ekam prayer with Sri Krishnaji


How do you define prayer?

Prayer is a conversation with the universe. It is an opening of the heart to grace.

There was a Study done on prayer groups several years ago at the largest medical Centre in San Francisco. It seems half of 250 patients were assigned to prayer groups that prayed for their wellbeing. The other half had no one praying for them. But neither of the groups knew of the study being conducted. Neither knew of the prayer groups. When the study was over, the results were more than amazing. The 250 people who were chosen at random to be prayed for left the hospital on an average of five days earlier, had fewer infections and healed quicker than the group who were not prayed to.

The fact is prayer works.

What is Ekam prayer?

Ekam prayer was a revelation to Sri Krishnaji to help humanity connect to the universal intelligence as a personal divine. It’s utter simplicity has lead people across the world to embrace it as an everyday practice.

Millions experience incredible miracles after Ekam prayer. They experience the protective embrace of the divine though out the day in everything they do.

Can’t we follow the prayer that we used to follow all these years? what is so special about Ekam prayer?

Spirituality is an individual affair. Every one of us is free to choose our own unique path to connect to the divine regardless of the religion we were born into.

Ekam Prayer is utterly simple and engages the totality of your being in communion with the divine. You involve your soul, heart and body to draw power from the universe. Your heart speaks the language of the universe and coaxes the divine to bring into manifestation what you seek. You move into a space of surrender to the divine and let go of your worry and anxiety.

And finally in a space of meditative stillness you move into gratitude.

What do you mean by surrender?

When you hear the word ‘surrender, perhaps your brain conjures the image of someone who has been defeated in battle bowing down to the winner.

The experience of surrender is far this image. Surrender is not about giving up your free will; it is about giving up your worry. Surrender is not about Giving up your thinking mind; it is about opening up to a greater intelligence to intervene. Surrender to the divine is not to bow down in defeat; it is to connect t your own higher self which is the self of the universe itself.

Why do we engage the body in Ekam prayer?

The body and consciousness are one inter connected organism. What happens to one happens to the other. With the use of specific asanas (postures) and mudras ( gestures) you are moving into the total mood of the prayer. Your distracted mind gets focused.

Can I do it everyday?

You can do Ekam Prayer every day, once a day. And on days when you feel you need to be connected to the divine in a powerful way,
It will be more effective if you could do it during the four cardinal times of the day which are sunrise, sunset, midday and midnight.

You can do this prayer for yourself or for another.

Which god do I pray while doing Ekam Prayer?

Ekam prayer is a universal method. You could pray to the Universal intelligence as a field or as a form that is close to your heart.

What does the chant in the middle of the prayer mean?

‘Hamsa Sohum Ekam’ is a powerful mystic chant you utter or hear in Ekam prayer. This mantra opens you to an experience of union with the divine.

I don’t believe in God, still can I do this prayer?

Be an experimenter and try it. You will discover the power of Ekam prayer yourself.