By Sri Preethaji, Spiritual Leader, Co-creator – Ekam & Author – The Four Sacred Secrets

If you look at nature, it is evident that every species on this planet ceases to exist once it crosses its reproductive age. The only two exceptions are humans and killer whales. Female killer whales breed from 5 to 30-40, but they live until 90. While male whales live only until 50, and then they die. If you look at the life of the female whales after their reproductive age, they tend to take care of their children and grandchildren. So if not for these grandmothers, the younger siblings would not survive. This is why the life of a grandmother whale is essential for the species to continue. But somehow, nature has not designed the male whale to do this duty or responsibility.

If you look at ancient times when humans were hunter-gatherers, the babies relied on their grandparents because both the mother and father were busy. The father used to go hunting, and the mother used to go out to pick berries. So it is these grandmothers and grandfathers who nurtured the young ones. This is why we can live until 70 or 90 years in our genes because we are needed to keep the species alive.

So if we want to learn from nature how to trigger our longevity genes, what has to happen? We need to be an instrument or vehicle of impact and support. That is the most straightforward way nature will protect us, keep us healthy, and stop us from aging. This works.

If you can be that person who is creating an impact in the lives of so many other communities of people, if you can go beyond yourself, and if you can experience that powerful connection with the people whom you are impacting, you are triggering the longevity genes in you. Because your existence is very essential for this world. Your presence is very crucial for the species.

When you lead a life of impact and service, you are triggering the longevity genes within you. You are ensuring that you will live a long and healthy life and that the species will continue to thrive. So go out and make an impact today! Your longevity depends on it.