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Unleash Your Inner Potential at Oneness Youth Festival

Master the Power of Super Consciousness with Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji @ Ekam

Welcome to the Oneness Youth Festival, a transformative experience designed to unlock your full potential, create lasting social and individual change, and foster a deep connection with yourself, others, and the world around you. Guided by Enlightened Sages Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji, you will explore the golden triangle of Super Brain, Super Body, and Super Heart, leading to Super Consciousness or Oneness Consciousness.

Discover Your Super Brain

Unlock the incredible power of your brain as you learn to shift between various brain wave states – from Beta, which causes stress and agitation, to Alpha, which encourages prolonged attention and calm. Dive into Theta for intuition and genius, then Delta for brain restfulness, and finally Gamma for great compassion and supreme efficiency. At the Oneness Youth Festival, you’ll master the art of transitioning between these states at will.

Experience Your Super Body

Unleash your body’s potential for immunity, vitality, vigor, and endurance. Connect with the invisible dimension of sheer power within your body through trekking, Oneness yoga, and mystic processes at Ekam. Create your Super Body and access the limitless possibilities it holds.

Activate Your Super Heart

Awaken your heart’s neurons and embrace heartfelt connections. Develop your intuition, be guided by universal intelligence, and deepen your relationships with others. Flower into a leader with a vision of inclusivity and wellbeing for all.

Activities at Oneness Youth Festival

  • Trek through 2 billion-year-old mountains and connect with Mother Earth.
  • Spend time with local tribes and meditate with their children.
  • Practice Oneness yoga and meditation.
  • Overcome persistent obstacles through mystic processes and different dimensions of consciousness.
  • Enter the Oneness field meditation with Sri Krishnaji to awaken your super brain and super heart potential.

Witness the Tangible Impact of Your Journey

Selected volunteers will be scientifically measured and tracked throughout the festival, offering undeniable evidence of the profound changes in your brain during various meditations and processes.

Join the Global Community of Oneness

Don’t miss this opportunity to become a shaper of the future. Register now for the Oneness Youth Festival and take the first step toward a more conscious, connected, and adventurous life. See you at the festival!